Guidelines for Submitting Books for Review to Ajoobacats Blog


Please note I preferentially and primarily review books on Kindle (mobi format) and have been doing so since 2012. I only consider physical books in exceptional circumstances.

I would love to read your book and review it on my blog, but I mostly blog about books I award 4 stars or more.

Just to make sure there is no ambiguity about where I stand as a reviewer please read my blog post I Am Not On Your Payroll.

When sending me a mobi file of your book, please ensure that the file is labelled with the title of your book and the author’s name. Every year I receive at least 6-8 books without this information and it causes delays as I’m more likely to overlook an unnamed file on my Kindle ereader.

I offer to review books honestly for no reward other than the opportunity to read your book. I make no money from my blog or my book reviews. I am not a publicist. I am NOT an author, and am not aspiring to be a writer of any kind, I am just a reader. If you feel that makes my review less valuable to you or valid please do not submit your book to be read and reviewed by me. Likewise if you have difficulty accepting criticism.

Everyone’s time is precious to them. My reviews aren’t school book reports but just a brief account of how a book made me feel and how much I liked it and what, if anything, irked or irritated me in the book. Mostly books I have awarded 4 stars or more are featured on my blog.

Book reviews that appear on this blog also appear on Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon currently (if I remember, gentle prodding if I don’t remember to add my review to Amazon is allowed). I write a brief description of the book I am reviewing on my own words followed by how I found it and what aspects of the book I enjoyed. I don’t give away spoilers and the time it takes to read a book depends on its length and readability.

I would be delighted to review books for authors but I request you contact me at with a brief synopsis. Review requests left as comments left on my blog post requesting reviews will not be given any priority and will not be considered for review. I primarily review thrillers. I love crime, thriller, mysteries, psychological thrillers, horror and historical thrillers, I tolerate romance and biographies and rarely accept fantasy or humour.

I do not like anthologies, short stories are just not my thing. If I have not listed your genre here please do enquire via email. I read books for various book publicity companies and other book blogs also with whom I enjoy collaborating.

I am now subscribed to both Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners Lending Library, so authors seeking reviews who do not have a mobi file of their book but have made the book available through either of these routes to Amazon customers, can just email me for a review at with a brief synopsis and link to their book. However, due to the sheer numbers of authors asking me to review their book via Kindle Unlimited this will significantly add to the waiting time of a review.

I read a lot but am equally inundated by emails for book reviews. I cannot read every book I am asked to review so I do unfortunately have to pass on a lot of requests as I receive on average eight review requests a  day. If I have read your book it will be rated on Goodreads. ANY BOOK SENT TO ME FOR REVIEW IS NEVER PASSED ONTO A THIRD PARTY AND IS DELETED AFTER I HAVE READ AND REVIEWED IT.

I take no payment or gifts for reviews. I used to feedback to authors more personally by email about their books but a few less than ideal experiences have discouraged me to do so routinely. If you wish to have more personal feedback after I have published a review of your book, please email me.

This blog has a strictly NO SPOILERS policy. I reveal very little about plot, only what appears in the description of the book.

Due to the huge number of review requests I receive I do not publish reviews of books I have awarded 3 stars or less on on my blog starting from October 2014. Mostly books that I award 4 stars and above will be promoted on my blog.

My review posts are shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Tumblr and Google+. I always try to maximise the exposure of my reviews and do my best to promote the books I have loved reading. If I am missing something or you have suggestions to link my reviews on sites I am not currently on, by all means I am happy to try new things.

Please note: From July 2014 onwards I will have an additional category for advance book reviews. These are books I review before their publication date, the reviews for which can be published online prior to the book being released or to coincide with the release date.

I have reduced the number of book tours I will get involved with to accommodate more time to reading books I have been sent to read directly by authors.

Backlinks to my blog from authors whom I have reviewed are greatly appreciated. 😁

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT IF YOU ARE SEEKING A BOOK REVIEW. Leaving comments on this blog post as opposed to contacting me via the guidelines on this page will not get your book put on my review list.<<<<<<<<<<


  1. Thank you for liking one of the posts in my blog. It was written by someone I know. You’ve got a good thing going here. More power to you. I wish you the best.

    Maybe, I’ll email you the book the post is about.

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    1. That would be good thank you, I cannot find the original post I liked on your blog, so please do remind me which book the post was about. I try to read and support as many book blogs as I can and with advancing age no longer retain pertinent information, so apologies for not remembering the post I liked.


      1. Seems my initial comment sent you to my author site. The post you read is from my book blog So, it isn’t you, it’s WordPress. But I do know what advancing age is like. It’s the only direction in which we’re all going, and it gets worse as those years pile up.

        I’m happy to make your acquaintance, especially across a vast ocean.

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      2. I was intrigued by your review as I love thrillers and Welcome, Reluctant Stranger! has the added angle of an interracial relationship, which I would like to read.

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    1. I do like speculative fiction, in fact my best book of the year for 2014 was The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta, which is a fabulous example of speculative fiction. Happy to read this genre.

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      1. Hi! Yes, it was a great book and sorry that I missed your review of Winter Boy. Do you want to check out Rarity from the Hollow? Thanks, Robert


  2. This is a great review policy, very sensible yet very flexible, and the inclusion of advance reviews is smart. I am a writer and have a novel almost ready for online publication (not yet converted to mobi /epub). If you are interested, I’ll send you an email when it’s ready. It’s quite a blend of genres, but the best way I can describe it is ‘supernatural political thriller’. Hope you like vampires! 🙂

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  3. Ahh you sound like me. On an average month I have about 20 arcs or so , and it does take so much time . It’s almost like a job , but I love to read. I also don’t add every single review on my blogs although I try , but I always put my review on Amazon, goodreads whether I like it or not so much. Nice organization of your review policy , it takes a lot of time for us book bloggers to read / review

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    1. Thank you, I hate writing reviews for books I didn’t quite like, so try to focus on promoting the ones I do like. I’m making more of an effort to get my reviews onto Amazon UK and US now, I was delighted to get into the top 1000 reviewers on Amazon UK this month.

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      1. Exactly, that’s what Amazon or goodreads is for . Wow that’s fantastic congrats! I haven’t left any for Uk myself. I have 2 blogs plus some other sites so that’s enough lol. Symphony really helps with that though it’s an amazing site it puts every single post up without me doing anything. It’s a definite God send for busy people like us 😃

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      2. I typically use one more for blog spots, cover reveals things like that . It’s on blogspot so I can add the JavaScript that I can’t add here. Yes definitely check it out once u post on your blog it’ll automatically post to any media you want ex : Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook page or group. So it definitely is a lifesaver. I think you get the first 3 months free if you’re refereed by someone I can’t remember the exact amount plus it gives u a widget for your Facebook page etc. You can add that I referred you if you want. …here’s the site try it out they really are a great place. Matter of fact after my free trial was up I told them how much I loved it but I have to watch my income so they gave me a year free . Everyone I talk to loves it. Here ya go

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  4. Hi,

    I visit your blogs and read some parts of it and thought you made some really great points. If you have a chance, please read and review my book if you are interested, titled ” Enter The Monkey”. Enter The Monkey is an exquisitely and often painfully soul-baring true life story. I think it might be of interest to your readers.If you do please let me know.

    You can check it here:



    1. I usually consider books for review via email as I have such a huge volume of requests and keeping them in some order of date helps me get through the requests. Thank you, I will have a look and contact you if I feel your book is one I would enjoy.


      1. O.k. ajoobacats…I have a pdf version Of The Twins. I would love for you to review it for me. It’s a psychological thriller. If so, how would I get it to you?


  5. I like the fact that you have spelled out what you do as a reviewer. I review books also and blog about them. But I’ve been random. I talk related them to teachers sometimes and note how a fiction book can be used in a Common Core way. Now that I’m writing more I also talk about specific writing techniques I enjoyed in the book. Like you, I feel it is important not to tell the story like a book report. So good for you for getting what you do in print. I need to do the same. Love it!

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      1. I don’t read or review for money, as I state on my guidelines. I have never made any money from my blogging or reviewing its just a hobby. By trade I’m a medical doctor although retired now.

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      2. I love it! I assumed from your picture, you were about 20. Retirement reading and blogging is a joy. If you don’t mind I’m going to feature your blog on my, almost non-existent, but upcoming “Just Write” blog I’m starting for writers. It would be fun to do an short interview with you about why you do what you do, how you got started, etc.


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