I post reviews of books where I give a no-spoilers description of what the book is about and what I felt whilst I read it and ultimately what I thought of it. I don't post stars on this blog as I feel stars are too simplistic when it comes to describing the journey you went on when you read a book. Although I do post star ratings on books in Goodreads and Amazon, as is the accepted convention.

My Reviews

My tastes have been more eclectic in the past but presently I'm in a place where I enjoy good psychological and literary thrillers that show a depth of understanding of human nature. Likewise my reviews have undergone metamorphosis since I first started posting them in 2013, which reflects the growth I have had, and continue to have, as a blogger, reader and reviewer.

I have suffered from OCD for many years and as a result typos, discontinuity, inconsistency, implausibility and lack of attention to detail annoy me. When I read a book I do weigh up errors against the overall flavour of the book. I have discovered a number of new authors whilst book blogging and feel like part of the book blogging community, who are always here, always supportive and never make my book problems feel like something out of the ordinary.


I write this blog to reach out to fellow bibliophiles, OCD sufferers and Pulmonary Hypertension patients like me, whom I would otherwise not meet due to geography and I am grateful for their camaraderie and candour when it comes to my blog.

To contact me about book reviews please write to me at ajoobacats@icloud.com. after reading my Guidelines page of what you need to do to submit a book review.

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  1. Hi Babus, I think you’d enjoy reading the Cat Cafe chapter in “Window Shopping for Men: BOGOF” by Jemima McCandless which is free today on Amazon


  2. Stay strong sister, many have to deal with several medical issues in life…let them help you to blossom more through your words and all you share! You are a positive example which helps others to know also they can fight back against different infirmities! Blessings and keep moving forward…stay positive…God bless!

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  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by prelovedbooksblog.com and liking my Linwood Barclay post. Enjoyed your post about the star-rating system – I don’t use one, but might consider it for 2015. Think I’d use three stars: *** Loved it, **Liked it enough to finish it, *Only OK, wouldn’t read it again. There are very few books that I don’t finish, though I’m getting more picky with my time as I get older!


    1. Hi Deirdre, your Linwood Barclay post is a good post. I don’t actually use a star rating system on my blog but if putting reviews on Hoodreads and Amazon you need to use their star rating system and both book giants use a 5 ⭐️ rating system. If I truly had my way I would do away with stars completely so people would take the time to read and assimilate the reviews that many of us spend our valuble time writing.


      1. Absolutely, though I find the stars useful on Goodreads, particularly if I’ve read a book and feel ‘iffy’ about it – it’s nice to find like-minded reviewers. I’m inclined to think 5-star ‘gushing’ reviews may be influenced by whether reviewers got the books for free, so a 4-star or below may be a truer reflection of the reviewer’s opinion. I’ll always read the review, though I am inclined to selectively pick those reviews based on whether I mentally gave the book a five or four or three star rating. I’d have to say I read the Goodreads reviews after I’ve read a book and the Amazon reviews to help decide whether to buy the book or not …


      2. I read the reviews too, but i like to start with the worst and the best and then the ones in the middle to get an idea. Buying books really adds up at the end of a month but with Kindle Unlimited I’m finding it does reduce how much I am spending now on Amazon and because I don’t re-read books I don’t mind just borrowing it.


  4. Thank you for liking my post. I am still new to the blogging world and kinda in the process of finding my foot. Posts likes like yours just add to the confidence. Thanks again! Your blog looks great too. Will be sure to drop by regularly.

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  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I got curious and checked yours out too. It looks really professional and I liked reading some of your reviews. I will definitely come back for some more, so please keep up your good work.


  6. Thanks for the LIKE on my blog post “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful Syndrome.” I’m following you now. I have three middle grade ebooks on Amazon and smash words. Do you view children’s books suitable for 8-12 year olds?


  7. Babus, just wanted to drop by and say a quick hello and thanks for checking out and supporting my blog. Hope you’re currently reading something good. Catch ya later. xx


  8. Hi,
    Thank you for following my blog. I read your about and a nice smile came on my face. I like your statements. They impressed me very much and now I am following you too.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Pat Garcia

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  9. Hi, I would like to submit my book for you to review, I have a quick question you ask for a synopsis, are you looking for the type of synopsis an agent would expect, giving an overview of the whole story?


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