Merry Christmas

After moving away from Birmingham I am pleased to say I am back home with family and am looking forward to a new year of fresh start and unconditional support.

I had shed the old address and much of the baggage I have carried for a long time. It’s hard to believe looking back on the last five years how much my world has changed. I never dreamt I would be working again, living back with those I thought I’d lost forever and most importantly for me meeting them on a mutual respectful ground where I am comfortable taking on board their feedback to improve myself. I keep saying I’m sorry and meaning it and they keep telling me not to apologise.

In stark reality a lot of the relationships I have had in recent years fall short of depth and understanding. I can see where I was used, gaslighted and manipulated. Anyone who belittles your point of view and tries to tell you what you perceive is not real is gaslighting you and has major personality problems that need work. However, this post is not about them but me. No friendship ends without pain but to see someone close to me resort to gaslighting has been soul destroying, however it’s their lesson to learn. I have come a long way back to myself.

I’m grateful to the universe for leading me here.

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