Taking Stock

It’s easy to be caught up in the minutiae of life. Sometimes it’s better to step back and reflect. Take each area of life and look at it, how it fits in with other areas: career, health, finances, creativity and relationships.

For me each area has evolved in 12 months.

Career has blossomed quicker than I had dared to hope, I find much satisfaction in what I do and I am inspired by my work. It is draining and takes much energy and I practice not getting too invested, so I leave some space and energy for other pursuits. I find myself still battling with imposter syndrome, which leads me nicely to health.

Health, both mental and physical has been challenged. I have stretched my stamina, concentration and focus to limits not reached before. I have weathered various situations with comparable success, but like any healthy evolution, I have challenges emerging within challenges to work on. With ever more demands I place on myself I need more efficient and effective restoration and rest.

Finances, are independent and better than they have been in 20 years. I’m back to where I was pre-marriage in a way. I am finding myself drawn into the much necessary and mundane financial chores. I have found a firm, thanks to friends to do my accounting. As central and important as finances are, I do not find myself drawn to making it an essential motivation, but more something I must balance with skill among the other areas of life.

Creativity, I feel was something I was better with last year than this year. I must do better in this area. Life poses much opportunity to try my hand at pottery, painting and perhaps an instrument. I’m not sure what the universe will throw at me. I also have the choice to create yoga sequences and much therapeutic adult colouring that I find regenerating. This area of life throws more opportunities than achievements at this time.

Relationships, I have spent much time dwelling on this area. What emerged time and again on reflection is my relationship with myself is the most consistent and enduring. This foundation of turning my focus on me has taken the pressure off what I may expect from others. I am open to people, I enjoy connecting with them, but I enjoy my company more than I did last year. I find using my mind to amuse myself rather than to dwell on recurrent thoughts that are critical has changed my perception of events and myself. I draw boundaries for me and respect myself which leads to a better relationship, or not, with others.

On reflection, as I’m reminded, I have come a long way. Growing means meeting new challenges that emerge, so my goals now are very different those 12 months ago. My life has undergone much transformation and I’m excited, if also sometimes exhausted, when I think of the next 12 months.

I have moments of feeling low energy but overall I am happy. Happy I have created space for me. I have marvelled at what I can achieve and how a few short months took me right back to a vocation I know is my purpose in my heart. My next goal is to work on fearlessness in all its aspect. Thank you all for reading 🙏🏽

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