New Year, New Studio

So after dragging my heels and being totally unmotivated for months in my yoga practice, I could unsurprisingly feel my stress levels increase and my physical energy levels decrease. Due to my work as a GP December and January were busy so I re-arranged my week during January to have 2 weekdays off a week to recuperate and centre.

I went back to regular yoga via a two-hour beginners workshop on a Sunday. The teacher, although in a sling from an equestrian shoulder injury, was very open welcoming and superb. The group was small at 6 students but it was an awakening to my much neglected yoga body.

I left the workshop and booked a monthly pass and have been doing yoga either in class (majority of the time) or online if my travel time means I cannot make it home and then to the studio. The classes run every day including weekends for which I am extremely grateful. The monthly cost of an unlimited pass is almost double what I paid 2 years ago, but definitely worth it.

I like the neutral feel of the studio. There are no agendas from teachers other than you enjoy yoga. Although the teachers are affable and open, the line between teacher and student is well preserved. Many of the teachers I know by name or face as they teach in other places.

After a hectic day dealing with people and medicine it’s a welcome relief and joy to practice again.

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