There’s a theory that we are being watched. We are watched by a superior being. Call him God, or what you will. The theory is he sees us make choices and the motivations behind them. He sees the consequences of these decisions. The way these decisions affect those involved.

There were two critical points in my health; one was when I was in ICU as I was having a procedure that was proving a challenge to my primary pulmonary hypertension back in 2014. The second, when my husband ended our marriage and I took an overdose to end my life as I could see no life beyond my married life as my then husband was my sole financial and emotional support.

Fast forward to now and my life is very different. With support from that ex-husband. I have returned to gainful employment and numerous training courses outside my primary career choice.

What if I told you I had support during those two tumultuous times? That someone close to me wanted to support me but was dissuaded by a sibling. If anything happens to me my sibling will talk the support I have left out of seeing me?

I’m not sure who to be angry with, the remaining parent or the sibling. Either way I can rely on me. No need for external charity.

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  1. We all tend to rely on others for support and comfort. But truth is we have to first seek it within ourselves. We can be our biggest support and strongest motivator. If we know that , I don’t think there is any need to rely on anybody else❣️❣️

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