Ending Connection

The worst part of ending an association, connection or friendship is the missing the person you saw. The love you witnessed. In my case, the embodiment of a goddess, who had gone through so much.

I didn’t know this goddess would forsake me, but I’m grateful for all she brought, and I thank her for the signpost to the next destination. I’m sorry I couldn’t live up to an expectation that wasn’t in my abilities at this time.

I salute all that you are and hope you find peace in these tumultuous times. 🙏🏽


  1. This weirdly reminds me of a friend with similar qualities who’s had periods of time out of contact. I really felt similar during those times. I know her situation with various mental health struggles though, she told me to expect it in the beginning, so a bit different. Still really difficult though!


    1. People with mental health issues still have to experience the norms and abnormals of life. Just because we have a label it doesn’t mean the mean and nasty give us a wide berth. In fact there are studies to show we are discriminated against. Shocking! However, my point of view is this: I’m a human being, I deserve respect despite and illness physical or mental. I pay my way, I take care of my pets. I don’t do anything, and nor do other people with mental health labels that deserve discrimination.


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