Stand By Me

Loyalty is a concept we all share. Although, I don’t think we give it much thought until we find ourselves in a position where we feel someone else has betrayed us or we are accused of doing the betraying.

So what is loyalty? The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines loyalty as the quality of being faithful in your support of someone or something. Being faithful is open to wide interpretation; it could mean faithfulness in romantic relationship, it could mean having confidence in a sports team, or it could simply mean having your friends back. Or it could mean all of the above if you actually have a unwavering loyalty.

Whatever your thoughts on loyalty maybe, there’s no denying that once you have chosen not to be loyal the damage is irreparable. However, the foundations couldn’t have been sturdy to warrant disloyalty to begin with. If you concede that none of us is perfect, and being disloyal is a flaw, one you regret, then surely continually being anything other than remorseful is the death knell in any given friendship or relationship. After all if you didn’t have someone’s back a number of times, why should they trust you again?

From a more equanimous and spiritual stand point, betrayal is something we are destined to experience, it’s part of life, however, it doesn’t follow that we should leave ourselves open to experience it again, and again, from the same parties. Also if they are disloyal they will inevitably be unreliable.

There is no monetary price tag on loyalty, it’s not part of any transactional model. It comes from within, it’s part of our moral values and defines strength of character. If you think anything is more important than faith in those you profess to love, for example your ego, your image, how others perceive you, then I put to you; you only love yourself.

From a personal standpoint, disloyalty is something I may forgive but am unlikely to forget. Once my trust is betrayed I’m unlikely to trust again.

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