Meeting Yourself

At the end of every yoga class/practice we have savasana, corpse pose. In savasana we relax the body and mind. We stay in the pose for a minimum of 5 minutes. The idea is we observe our mind and body.

We lie on our backs, legs stretched out, feet apart, ankles relaxed so the feet flop out to the side. Arms are away from the body, palms facing upwards so that external stimuli is reduced. We relax the hips, legs back, neck. We totally let go.

We don’t judge or react we just watch ourselves. We witness ourselves internally. In this pose if we have time and achieve relaxation we meet our true selves. Once after a yoga class, whilst in savasana, our teacher was silent, then she asked, “who are you?” That was a moment of self enquiry that started me on my journey to find me.

I spent so much time trying to please others and get their approval, I don’t know what I liked. I still dither about my favourite colour. When shopping, even for my clothes, I’m thinking about what others like. Choosing food from a menu is about others preferences.

Being bold enough to connect with myself made me aware there’s a witness inside me that watches and observes. There’s also a self that has independent thoughts and specific likes. I need to get to know this person better. I really do like her. Once I realised this the ability to disconnect from thoughts and not react has become easier. Relaxing is more calming and refreshing. I can truly co-exist with negativity without it affecting me like it did over a year ago.

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