Lately I’ve been thinking about my mother. In particular the things she told me about my childhood, about when I was born and beyond.

She said I was a bit of a cryer as far as babies go. She said I was cherished by those around me. However, those around me at the time did not manage to manifest anything other than self-interest in subsequent years.

But my nostalgia got me wondering; what if the reality of my birth was not idyllic. What if there was scandal , mistrust and jealousy. That would certainly explain a lot about my family connections.

If you think you’re something special based on who you are related to. Then you need help to disengage from such notions. We are only ever the sum of what we do.

If you let negativity influence your overall demeanour then you’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water. Learn to be content in yourself. Your whole self. Mothers side and fathers side. Understand, forgive and go forth.

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