Often we have an idea that others don’t go through humiliating situations, make poor decisions, are subject to experiences they would avoid. We think everyone who is successful, in our eyes, is a success on every front. We think those people are always right. The trouble is we think. What if you accepted and just observed?

We are given a set of choices. We are in situations where we choose our reaction to life’s trials and tribulations. We aren’t always going to choose wisely and there are no right and wrong decisions, unless of course you are breaking the law and hurting others.

What if we didn’t judge our choices and ourselves? What if we just observed the mind after taking a decision? Calming ourselves and remaining balanced sounds unattainable in times of crisis, but that’s the real test of our fortitude.

We may not be where we want to be, but we have the strength and all the resources we need at this time to get us through. There is nothing but our collective energies, I subscribe to the non-duality philosophy of life. The polar is what we experience here in this life, but we are here to do so. We have chosen this life, our choices brought us here. We are enough.

Freedom is being free from reacting to every bump in the road. Observe, experience, then let it go. Disconnect from the outside stimulus, disconnect from the inner uncertainty and breathe.

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