Emotional Decluttering via Rebirthing Breathwork

I recently underwent a rebirthing breathwork workshop. I have never been to one before so this was a new experience. My reason for choosing to do this was to actively let go of emotions I don’t want to carry forward into 2020.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was at ease as I knew the rebirthing practitioner. The experience I had was in a group of 8 people.

After introduction the workshop started with centering and bringing awareness to the breath. We all picked a card from the goddess deck and placed it nearby when we laid down.

Lying down we were encouraged to breath through our open mouth in a fast pattern and this act is known as conscious connected breathing. I don’t recommend doing it at home without a practitioner as during this phase I underwent spasm, tingling, coldness, restlessness and it felt safer to have someone there as I let go in the trancelike state that I experienced.

After a multitude of sensations I finally found myself in a calm stasis. I felt like I was floating and was very relaxed. At this point we were encouraged to breathe through our nostrils. This was the integration phase of the practice. During this phase we came gently out of the trancelike state and we assimilated our emotions.

We then lay on our side and started to ground again. Once completed we sat in a circle and looked at our chosen goddess cards mine was Coventina , the goddess of purity. I realised I picked this card as I needed to let go of more than old emotions. I needed to detoxify completely.

After the session we were encouraged to nurture ourselves by just taking a gentle cosy evening. I found myself tired and emotionally a little drained.

The next day I found I had an intense migraine and I spent the day lying down and rehydrating whilst taking paracetamol and antiemetics. I do believe this was a physiological result of the breathwork and another releasing outcome of the practice.

Apart from a little pain in my rib age from the breathwork, which I put down to my overzealousness. I thought the experience was valuable and I would definitely like to try it again. I don’t mind working in a group although these sessions can be done on a one to one basis.

Overall an experience I would like to explore further.

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