It is possibly the hardest job in the world to take good care of yourself. Taking care of ourselves nutritionally, emotionally, psychologically, financially, physically and intellectually is all encompassing.

Most of us do an adequate job of taking care of our physical needs on a rudimentary basis. We may not always take as much exercise or eat as well as we could, or lack discipline in doing so consistently. However, if we can get through the day most of us don’t bother with delving any deeper into our intellectual or emotional needs. In fact, we are probably very good at distracting ourselves and avoiding looking any deeper into our own consciousness.

However, psychological and emotional well-being is improved by staying in the present, being mindful and living in the now. As well as being gainfully employed, creative and having a good social support network. Add in the given we are supposed to be in relationships of a romantic nature and working healthily on that bond too, and you begin to see why in my opinion, taking care of ourselves is such hard work.

I’m by no means great at taking care of myself, in fact prior to 2019 I hadn’t given my self care a lot of thought, but when I was forced to re-evaluate a year ago, when I lost the will to exist. Since then I have been reading and learning about what makes us healthy and whole on more than just a physical level.

I haven’t always practiced what I have read or feel is best but now, whilst undertaking a journey of purification, I am making it a priority to detox and let go of all things that are no longer in my best interest or good for me.

Alongside yoga, and meditation I am finding myself spiritually and trying to find something creative to fill my time too. What I find immensely shocking is how much I couldn’t actually tell you how I feel. If pushed I would say my current attitude is ambivalent. Ambivalent to most things, I live in a grey area.

I hope I am able to become more grounded, I certainly feel tougher and more robust of late.

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