The reason it’s important to release old situations, old emotions, even old habits and belongings is to grow. I’ve always thought I had a huge resistance to change, but I have changed so much in the last year, and continue to do so, that I don’t think it’s change that I actually fear.

I think I fear not being enough, not having the knowledge or wherewithal to manage. I also think most people fear the same. They fear being faced with their weaknesses and inadequacies as they see them. However, avoidance just allows the fear to build. To grow we need to be challenged out of our comfort zone. We need to find our spirit, the essence of who we are and face situations with that knowledge.

There is no point in being in the same situation day after day, year after year to stagnate. There is no point in leading half a life where we think about challenges and never take them on. There is no point believing the hype we generate about ourself to convince us we are having a great life when all we love or enjoy occupies only a small percentage of our time.

Life is for living. It’s for living now. Not in 6 months, not a year. It’s about choices you make now, the challenges you choose today, or the stagnant situations to let go to make room for more.

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