This year I seemed to have completed my 2018 Reading Challenge earlier than I expected. This came as a shock to me the day before yesterday when I finished a book and noticed it was my 200th this year, as I am in my summer reading slump.

Originally, I started keeping track of books I was reading to prevent myself from picking up a book I’d already read by mistake. It’s never really been about the quantity of books I read, as I would read them regardless, as reading is a habit I’ve had for decades.

Usually when I reach whatever target I’ve set for the year, I just carry on reading. I have exceeded my book goals every year since I started keeping track in 2013. So although I may not finish a book today or tomorrow and the number of books I read this week may not equal one, it’s okay. Eventually, I will pick up pace again when there are fewer things to take up my time outside of books.