So I had my first session, addressing my driving anxiety, with a therapist. Before we got started he asked me when I last drove and what about driving caused me anxiety. At the time of the session I had driven the day before and what causes me anxiety other than the proximity of other vehicles is the anticipation of being out on the roads in traffic.

I have never had an accident or a panic attack whilst driving. I have held a full drivers license since November 1991. Yet, I feel anxious about getting in my car and driving. Something I have done countless times over thousands of miles.

During the course of my therapy I was reminded that I have judged traffic situations and driven safely for years. I was reminded to notice the positive influence I have over the road around me and I was made to appreciate that I’m not entirely in control, at most I control 50% of what is going on around me when I’m driving.

After the session, I felt positive about driving and the agreement was I would be driving for the week before my next appointment. As fate would have it I have to drive to my next appointment anyway. Although, I found it harder to let go and go with the flow of the hypnotherapy this session. I have been able to drive and combat some anxiety. Tomorrow, I take myself to my next session and although the anxiety is there, I’m looking forward to addressing it.