First Session With a New Therapist #mentalhealth #anxiety #therapy #wwwblogs

After finding a therapist, who specialises in hypnotherapy but isn’t limited to just that discipline, I met with him yesterday. For me one of the major perks of this therapy is that it is one to one, after years of group psychodynamic therapy.

After a period of exploring some of my past, my therapist lead me through a clearance exercise. I’m sure I have done something similar before with another therapist but this time the experience was more intense. I have been convinced for years that I cannot be hypnotised, but I found it was easy to slip into this state and follow his instructions. When it came to time to wake I found I had been “under” so to speak and wasn’t just feigning or trying to be still as I feared,

The exercise he led me through felt effective but I know it’s one I will have to learn to do myself and repeat. The major aim being to leave a lot of the negativity in the past and hopefully move forward focusing on the future.

I feel my therapist adopting the adage of striking whilst the iron is hot and my next session is just three days away. I asked for help with my anxiety, particularly reducing it when it comes to driving, and as per my request the next session will focus on my driving anxiety. Although, after yesterday’s session I feel somewhat lighter and more optimistic. I’m grateful for the guidance of a professional.


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