Yesterday I Met A Hypnotherapist

As regular readers of my blog know, I suffer from OCD which leads to depression and anxiety. I have been medication free for 13 months now, but I am having difficulty with sleep, low mood and anxiety. It has been strongly suggested I go back on antidepressants and yesterday when I met with a hypnotherapist for, what I assumed would be, a perfunctory assessment, I found myself delving into my lengthy psychiatric history and life story.

As some may have noticed I haven’t blogged regularly in a while and this is partly due to my reticence to talk about stuff, even books. I generally have lost the motivation to engage other people. This may or may not be a negative marker of my mental health, to be honest I’m not sure and I’ve not met with a mental health professional who knows me well enough to make this assessment recently.

However, the therapist in question is experienced and although traditional hypnotherapy would probably have little effect on me he seemed very enthusiastic to take me on as a client to see if various techniques would help.

I believe I have worked to come off and stay off meds for as long as I have and going back would make me feel defeated to sone extent so I am accepting I will either need medication or therapy long term.

This is a new avenue for me as so much in my life is changing at the moment. I hope I have what it takes to keep up.

By the canal in Stratford-upon-Avon


  1. I wish you well with this new approach. I’ve missed reading your blog posts lately, and hope you will feel able to keep them up at least occasionally.

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