​Anna is happily married to Will, a wealthy restaurateur, but on his thirtieth birthday she receives a chilling text message that brings a past she thought she had left behind tumbling into the present. As we read about how Anna deals to this new threat to her home and security, we find out what happened to Anna when she was fifteen and embarked on her first serious relationship. It seems her past is not done with her yet. 

I became totally engrossed in this suspense thriller from the outset as Anna is a strong narrator and protagonist, that is not to say she isn’t flawed and there were times her calm, intelligent sensibilIty seemed at odds with her passive and somewhat deceptive actions. All the characters in this unpredictable thriller raised my hackles, making this quite a thrilling read. 

The last few chapters really amped up my adrenaline and by the end I was rattled enough to have the story in my head for hours. This is my second book from this author and I absolutely loved it. Huge recommendation from me. 

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