​Megan broke up with her fiance, Jay, six weeks ago, but couldn’t face telling her overbearing mother who has planned the wedding. Now she’s heading back home to Kansas City for her wedding and the last possible moment to break the bad news to her family. However, one thing leads to another and she finds the man sat next to her becomes a substitute for her fiance giving her an opportunity to end the wedding on her terms, what could possibly go wrong? 

This romcom caper was amusing and not too cringeworthy to read with an eccentric grandmother and a cast of interesting characters thrown in. Megan wasn’t the typical damsel in distress even though she has serious boundary issues with her mother. Josh, the tall handsome stranger she meets on the plane was probably the least interesting character in the pack and his often mentioned patootie didn’t really make up for it. 

This is the first book in a series that is tied together by three female friends who have had their fortune told and are warned to expect three unpredictable wedding upheavals. I’m not sold completely on the series but this was a good, fun and lighthearted read that would be ideal for a bit of escapism. 

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