#Bookreview Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson #romance #Fridayreads

Pearl decides to move into her grandmother’s beach house to get away from a long term relationship that has ended and other painful events that have recently occurred. Wanting to isolate herself in a small town, she meets Charlie, who is mesmerised by her and her resolve to keep him away gradually softens. 

This hugely sentimental romance came highly recommended to me. After an unassuming slow burn start the pace picked up as did my curiosity about Pearl’s history and what she was hiding from Charlie. 

Her obvious attraction to easy going, laid back and surprisingly uncomplicated Charlie was not something she was expecting to experience. But despite her reluctance their romance blooms in a humorous way. 

However, as lovely as this read is, beware and keep a box of tissues on hand as it gets very sad. 

Links To Book: 

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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