#BookReview A Taste of His Own Medicine by Linda Fawke #Tuesdaybookblog #RBRT 

I chose this book to read from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team book list.

A tantalising thriller about the reunion of a group of pharmacology graduates who meet after thirty years, but Kate, a flying student who was once top of the class has revenge in mind for those who wronged her years ago. However, will revenge go to plan and will the secrets from student day emerge once again? 

This book became more gripping as I read and ended on quite a cliff-hanger, what I really wasn’t expecting was how dark the characters are and how malevolent parts of this story was to read. I’m really hoping there’s a second book soon as I can’t wait to see how the story ends.

With twists turns and revelations galore there is rarely a dull moment in this page-turner.

Links To Book:

Amazon UK

Amazon US



      1. I know it’s a long time since you posted this review, but thought you might like to know there is a second book. It’s called, ‘ A Prescription for Madness’. Although it is a sequel, it does stand alone. Have just approached Rosie Amber who has put it on her list. Do hope you get to read it!

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      2. Thank you, I don’t read as much as I used to and am going away on s 3 week intensive yoga teacher training course. When I’m back I will definitely reassess how much reading I do and this will be one of the first books I consider. Thank you


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