#BookReview The Girl in the Photograph by Kate Riordan #histfic #mystery #weekendbloghop

​This historical mystery thriller set in the nineteen thirties is about Alice, a young woman who finds herself pregnant after a short affair. Her mother devises a plan for her to be sent away to the Gloucestershire countryside to a childhood friend to have the baby without scandal, but whilst Alice is at Fiercombe Manor, a stately home with much history, she finds herself intrigued with the Manor’s ill-fated history and in particular with Lady Elizabeth Stanton the wife of the previous owner, whose story set a generation before runs somewhat parallel to Alice’s own.

I loved this imposing gothic mystery that had me enthralled from the start. Alice’s story was very readable and was a pale introduction to what was to follow once she reached Fiercombe Abbey and Elizabeth’s story started to unravel. With the blurring of the line between the supernatural and reality, which was well written. The story does contain a romance I wasn’t expecting and even though I’m not a huge romance reader I found it fitted well into the story and added another dimension to the novel without detracting from the underlying feel of the mystery.

A standout historical read for me from an author I have not read before.

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