#BookReview The Book of Mirrors by E.O. Chirovici

​I absolutely loved this literary thriller which starts with an unsolved murder from 1987 of eminent professor or psychology, Joseph Wieder, who was found murdered in his home on the outskirts of Princeton. When one of the suspect’s questioned, Richard Flynn, sends the first part of a manuscript recalling what he remembers of events leading up to the murder, literary agent, Peter Katz, he is enthralled and wants to get on board with the rest of the manuscript, however before he can do so tragedy strikes leading to him engaging investigative journalist, John Keller. Keller’s investigation leads him to a previous detective, who worked on the case and others who knew the professor. As he tries to unravel the story of this murder, he also ruffles a few feathers.

The story is told in three parts, the first from the point of view of Peter Katz who receives part of the manuscript written by Richard Flynn, the second is from the point of view of journalist, John Keller and the third from retired police detective, Roy Freeman point of view as he is informed of a breakthrough years after the murder and soon after John Keller’s investigation. I loved the way the story unravelled as a series of recollections from the various characters involved.

At every turn when you think the answers will never be forthcoming the story progresses despite the flawed memories of witnesses and the reluctance to divulge by those who were there. The pages turned very quickly for me in this thriller and I was sorry when I’d finished it.

Links To Book:

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