#Mindfulness February #mentalhealth

Every now and then I suffer from mental fatigue. The bouts of mental fatigue are more regular at the moment, largely due to averaging a few hours of sleep daily for the past few months. 

Some days I don’t like dealing with words so I colour to ground myself and clear my mind. The following is the result of one of such day. 

Physically I am enduring frequent hot flushes and headaches, although these do not affect my daily activities as much as they affect my sleep. 

Maybe I need more mindfulness days? 


  1. Wish I had enough of an artistic bent to create such beautiful work when I’m feeling mentally fatigued! I know what you mean about sometimes not feeling like dealing with words, though. On those days, I do some accounting and deal with numbers instead 🙂

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  2. Are you able to take anything for the flushes? There are quite a few natural remedies that work for some folk. Black cohosh, folic acid and evening primrose oil are a few. There are others. Disturbed sleep from flushes is miserable. Just in case you turn out to be one of those (I’m another) for whom the hot flushes never completely go away, it would be a good idea to work out if any of the natural remedies are helpful to you. I’m guessing HRT isn’t an option?

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    1. I’m seeing a different GP soon to discuss HRT. I’m a bit worried about taking black cohosh etc due to all the medication I’m on, but I will ask about it if HRT is not an option.


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