#BookReview Money For Love (Tales from the Robbery Homicide Division Book 3) by Peter S Berman #thriller

​This US crime thriller set in California sees homicide detectives Donahue and Thompson, long time work partners and best friends, thrown into the mix when Donahue receives a call for help from a Russian woman, Nika, who had previously been trafficked into the US. Unfortunately, before Donahue could meet her, Nika is killed, her body found by Donahue. Shaken by the loss of someone she had previously helped out of a life of vice and despite warnings to stay out of the investigation, Donahue and Thompson cannot help initially pursue leads, but a car bombing in the carpark of a Hollywood night club allows them to investigate legitimately whether both killings are linked.

I found the plot and technicality of this police procedural compelling and got drawn easily into the story. I found it refreshing to have female lead detectives and support investigators, but I found this read somewhat spoiled by stilted dialogue, which didn’t do the characterisation justice. The book was definitely in need of an editor who could sharpen up the narrative and enforce the compelling pace the story demanded.

I have not read any of the previous books in the series and did not find that a draw back in picking this book up, but there is much potential waiting to be realised in this thriller and I will be interested in seeing if the next book in the series evolves to give the reader the promising thriller waiting to emerge from this author’s work.

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