1. Hooray! But it’s not, actually, a freak occurrence. The cause of my own minor problem with Amazon was entirely down to a seller account which I cannot close. The reason I cannot close it is the same reason I cannot use it – several years ago they started to require certain business details (which I don’t have) to be provided before one can trade or, in my case, cease trading! I think we see now where the epicentre of the problem lies. Anyone else gets caught the same way – an inactive seller account is probably at the bottom of it. Thought you’d closed it? Think again.

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    1. I got an email telling me my sellers account was closed on 23/12/2016, and I couldn’t appeal the decision. I was delighted as I didn’t use it, but it seems they put my buyers account on hold too. If I’d known of all this nuisance I would never have opened a sellers account I think I sold a handful of books and an ice cream maker I didn’t want three years ago, hardly significant enterprise.


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