So to keep matters fairly represented and up to date I found the hold on my Amazon UK account had been removed in the early hours of the morning. It would appear in the process of closing my inactive seller’s account my buyers account was also put inexplicably on hold. This is an unusual occurrence and just a freak phenomenon. 

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Amazon’s Social Media Team for jumping on this and resolving this within a ground-breaking twelve hours! Now that’s a team that deserves an award! Particularly the representative dealing with my case, Tara S, was approachable, processing efficient and I cannot sing her praises enough.

I really am grateful to be back in control of my apps, games and books, but SIX WEEKS?! With no explanation? All I had to do was go public and raise a little noise on Twitter rather than follow a complaints procedure and send registered delivery letters. It certainly doesn’t work to keep grievances private if you want to get somewhere. I am delighted grateful to have my account fully restored, but I’m not as confident in Amazon services as I was prior to these six weeks of Kindle Hell.

Unfortunately my six weeks of not being able to order using my projecting cannot be refunded addressed and I’ve missed two Kindle First books, but Amazon have kindly given me £25 to spend on Kindle books-what more could a Bookworm possibly want? I just hope neither I nor any other bibliophiles experience anything like it again. 

Thank you to all who helped me spread the word and tuned into my Amazon woes, I wish I had told you all about it sooner and saved myself weeks of misery. It just goes to show United we can achieve so much.