Time Spent Chasing @AmazonUK As I Am Too Angry/Frustrated to Read/Blog #customerservice

At 15:20 h approximately today I was cut short having the above discussion with the award winning Amazon customer services. The image speaks for itself. Please help me by retweeting this on Twitter.


      1. For sure keeping an eye on this… how bizarre … and like- dear customer service representative, why do you ask if there’s anything else they can help you with if you’re just gonna drop the chat? awful…

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  1. Instead of avoiding talking to you how much simpler would it be just to sort out the problem? But no. Amazon’s is not the only helpline that does this. Which is no comfort to you at all! I recently tried to convince an Amazon help person (by email) that their no-reply address which they sometimes (not always) use to tell me stuff has been dispatched has long since been hacked which sometimes results in phishing emails coming through. My question: have they resolved the hack? For some reason they have become convinced that I am contacting them as a seller (although the sample email clearly shows me as a recipient not a seller). No sensible answer to my simple question has been forthcoming. I cannot tell them that their help has been rubbish because they have somehow routed me through my very old seller account, which I can no longer access. And so the snake consumes its own tail … Sigh.

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    1. The speed at which customer service want to get rid of me via phone or chat, you’d have though I was contagious for some very nasty disease that could be transmitted through the internet. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such treatment, but it must be pretty bad.


  2. Amazon, in my opinion, USED to have excellent customer service several years ago. That certainly is NOT the case now, and has not been for a couple of years now. I would rather procrastinate until I can’t stand it anymore rather than have to deal with them, because 9 times out of 10, when I call them for a technical problem, I end up with their Tier 2 people. Their Tier 2 people are EXTREMELY helpful and always get the job done…but it is getting to them that gives me a headache and makes me want to cut ties with Amazon.

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  3. The trouble – with all these companies – is that anybody who might be able to do something sensible is cocooned away from any point of contact with the public using their goods and services. It is a cheap and lazy way to run a business.

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