1. This is dreadful!! Without them giving you a reason it doesn’t make any sense at all. I know you have found solutions elsewhere but hope you get this sorted out as well, just to make some of your life easier.

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    1. I am saving a lot of money from not buying or renting films etc but it still feels like an unfair ban when all I have ever done is be a loyal customer who has promoted their products on my blog. It’s quite scary that this could happen to be honest.


  2. How completely bizarre. Very few companies now have any kind of effective front line staff for when something goes wrong. Sad to realise that Amazon is one such. I hope when they finally sort out what on earth they have done to your account they refund your Amazon Prime sub (which is not cheap unless you are using it a lot). I put a ridiculous amount of my disposable income through Amazon – much more than just books. To lose the facility to buy online, at 2 am, and just wait for the box to arrive – that would, indeed, be a serious cold turkey event [shudders].

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  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds so horrible! The idea that you pay for a service you can’t access is ridiculous, but not having any response is worse. I really hope this gets resolved soon!

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    1. Thank you, but although I still have some hope left for being allowed to make Amazon purchases, I won’t be holding my breath. I cannot imagine why they banned me, perhaps they don’t need anymore customers?


    1. I was wondering if I had been hacked, but other than e-mailing them and phoning them, how do I prove I’m me? I have seven days to wait for the MD of Amazon UK to contact me and if I have no luck then I think Jeff Bezos will have to be my next point of action, thank you.


  4. As someone who had to go without internet connection for 6 weeks recently after moving house and the hours of frustration trying to sort that out I sympathise with you entirely. Reading your account of your treatment by Amazon has my blood running cold…I hope you get sorted soon (if you want to be sorted, that is….Perhaps you will continue to discover a life without Amazon, although at the moment I can’t imagine what that would be like!)

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    1. Well I’m taking it a day at a time and I do have my husband’s account if really desperate, although I resent having to ask him to buy me stuff I should be able to buy myself and being Amazon free is definitely liberating. I wish I didn’t feel so violated by them.

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  5. Appalling behaviour by Amazon, especially not even to reply to you. I’ve bought nearly 2000 Kindle books – I’d be gutted if I lost access to them. Hope you get this resolved soon.

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