​When undercover police officer, Bridget Reid goes missing from the scene of a triple homicide, DS Imogen Grey is plunged back into her past as her old partner surfaces asking for her help. However, after the mistrust between them can she be sure he isn’t involved in the disappearance of Bridget? 

The second book in the DS Imogen Grey series can be read as a stand alone. Many questions about Imogen’s past both personal and professional are addressed in this fast-paced unpredictable thriller, which is told in the present time alongside events that affected Imogen two years ago. With loyalties in question and a multitude of secrets will they find Bridget in time? 

I found this thriller exceptionally gripping and gritty just like The Teacher the violence is graphic and the story suspenseful. With twists and turns enough to keep virtually all readers entertained. 

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