#BookReview The Wonder by Diana Evans #literaryfiction #wwwblogs

​Lucas and his sister, Denise, live in a riverboat and were raised by their maternal grandmother. Their mother died when Lucas was only months old and their father was estranged from their mother before this. With very little information about his father available, Lucas, a budding journalist, decides to track down this father’s past and find out where he went and why he left. 

This story is told from Lucas’ point of view, which alternates with the story of Antoney, his father, from boyhood to his years in a dancing troupe in London. Lucas discovers the tumultuous relationship between his parents and retraces his father’s steps. 

I thought the book was well written, but the story was not told in a way that made it easy to engage with Lucas, who was largely unaware of what we were learning about Antoney. It felt strange as a reader to be drip Fed details of Antoney’s life some thirty years ago, when Lucas, the struggling son had no idea of his father’s past. 

However, the story does come together to give a haunting ending and immerses itself in the local culture of dance and arts where it is set, in London. Not fast paced or adrenaline infusing, but still a beautifully haunting read about a young man’s self-discovery and his long lost father. 

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