#BookReview What The River Washed Away by Muriel Mharie Macleod #fiction #Tuesdaybookblog

​Eight year old Arletta, lives in Louisiana, has just lost her beloved Pappy, her mother is a Mambo and doesn’t have time for her daughter and to make matters worse she is failing to avoid two predatory paedophiles who are hurting her. Set in the early twentieth century, this story of a little girl’s struggle, resilience, survival and sacrifice is inspiring and powerful. Marietta, faced with much adversity sees her life change but at what cost?

With the old ways of the old country coming acutely at odds with the church and Christianity, Arletta tries to hold on to the values her Pappy taught her whilst navigating the perilous terrain of her life. Dealing with difficult themes from the outset this story did mesmerise and captivate. Won over totally by Arletta, I couldn’t help rooting for her and reading her inspiring story. Although the book deals with difficult issues it felt positive by the time I had finished it.

A powerful read, well researched with strong female characters that really won my heart.

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