I set my reading goal last year at 180 books and read 210 books in total, falling 25 books short of my 2015 total. Into this figure I factored in any events which may have left me unable or not wanting to read for a limited time and I am grateful that I did, as mid year to Autumn I did suffer with worsening health and I had the opportunity to try different things. 

Despite this I am delighted by the books I read last year and I really did enjoy trying books out of my comfort zone as well as realising I have grown (a bit) as a reader and reviewer. 

I find myself less generous with star ratings and harder to please but comparatively I think I do enjoy the books I like very much. 

Joining my local library changed the types of titles I have access to, leaving me with more choice and flexibility. I look forward to discovering many more hidden gems next year as well as tackling some of the more celebrated books of 2016 I did not get to read.

My priority this month will be reading books I purchased and have been waiting the longest on my to-be-read pile as well as agonising over my Top Ten Books of 2016. 

I look forward to another fabulous year in books.