​Set in the same literary universe as To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set A,Watchman catches up with a 26 year old Scout who lives and goes to college in New York. During one of her annual visits back home everything she thought she knew about the one person she looks up to changes leaving Scout reeling and unsure that she ever fitted into her home town.

It was hard not to be curious about this book, which was a long time coming and I happily let memories of To Kill A Mocking Bird flood back. However, this isn’t the same epic game changer of a read like the first book. Although, allowing the reader a degree of nostalgia the brevity of this addition left me wanting more. The strength of this read was the depiction of Scout as a young lady and the journey of self-discovery she undergoes. Less interesting to read were her conversations with Dr Finch her uncle who seemed to veer off topic enough at crucial points of the book to frustrate me.

After I’d finished the book I felt a great sense of sadness, as the ending opened up so many avenues of development for Scout as she had a number of options to mull over, and I for one really did want to know what she would do next. I’m glad I picked this up but I am sad the story stops here.

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