Christmas Tranquility

I wrote and posted my Christmas cards out early December as well as sending gifts to my friends, so I could relax and just soak up the season which is my favourite as it brings back memories of belonging, partaking and childhood glee. Despite winter weather there’s a warmth to this time of year that unites and I totally love it. Feeling happy and positive lately has inspired me to take in all that I can locally, so I booked to go to The Lantern Festival but drew the line at sitting on Santa’s knee (maybe next year?).

My mood starts to fall on Christmas Day when the countdown to all things good about the festive season starts to end and we go back to a bleak existence without the lights and tinsel. It doesn’t help that I’m essentially alone for Christmas Day as my husband works the extra long shifts that take him away when families are together, but I have the cats and sole possession of the remote control. However, if it was the festive season continually we would no doubt find it less special when it comes around. 

Being well organised this year and finding myself not pressured, but relaxed and open to positivity and possibilities, not even my dwindling exercise tolerance and erratic peak flow measurements make me want to stay in. I might walk at a snail’s pace fighting for my breath but I feel excited and alive. I’ve taken the pressure off myself to enjoy myself and it’s definitely worked. What’s really gratifying is seeing my husband laugh and crack jokes rather than look at me with concern and anxiety.

I hope others too who have struggled with depression and anxiety catch the positivity and warmth of the season and no matter how you feel, know you’re never alone. Now it’s time for cheesy Christmas films.


  1. Hi, Doc! Nothing wrong with your Christmas spirit.
    I once worked for a Hindu company where they threw the best Christmas parties you ever saw, and handed out Christmas bonuses, too. Go figure…

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    1. Hi Lee, I loved the season as a child and I guess a part of me will always be excited by Christmas. I remember spending a few Christmases in Kolkata, India and despite the mild weather (still hot to us) the festivities were wonderful.


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