As an incentive to boost reading many of my fellow readers have been keeping a jar where they deposit a pound for every book they read. I thought this sounded like a good idea as I do read over 200 books a year and that sort of sum of money would open up interesting possibilities to do something book or travel related that I would otherwise dismiss. 

I started the collection jar on 1st November 2016 and so far it has been doing well. To date I have £19 in the jar reflecting the 19 books I have read so far from November to date. However, what I didn’t anticipate was the way my jar would be the source for change as and when required by my husband, but to be fair he does take my pound coins and replace them with pound notes rather than I owe you notes. 

Had I started the jar on 1st January 2016 I would now be coming up to £200, however I remain optimistic about having funds in a year’s time to do something extravagant and book related. I just have no idea what. It could be anything from getting a top of the line new Kindle to going on a writing course. Neither are things I seriously need but would be nice. When I really think about it I don’t really want for anything material, just inspiration to experience life more positively, and that isn’t something that comes with a price tag.