#BookReview All Involved by Ryan Gattis

​After the Rodney King verdict in 1992 a city erupted into violence. This precarious time allowed street gangs to jostle for power and heap revenge on their rivals. All Involved starts with the story of a young Mexican man, Ernesto, who is not ganged up but the oldest brother of two Chicano gang members. He is targeted by rival gang members and killed violently to send a message, resulting in violent retaliation. 

This story is powerful and skilfully told as a daily account over six days of rioting. Gritty and graphic it is not a read for the weak and gives real insight into the thought processes of the ganged up characters Grattis has developed. I found the book graphic to the point I could see it as a TV series. 

Although centered at the time of the Rodney King trial, the characters and events portrayed in the book are fictional. However, Grattis has dug deep to tell this story in a remarkable fashion. This book is hard-hitting and memorable.

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