​I read about this prequel novella from Jodi Picoult’s webpage, where if you produced a receipt that proved purchase of her latest novel Small Great Things, you could download this for free. Unfortunately I had originally read the book from a Netgalley pre-release download and despite having seen Jodi speak and obtained two autographed copies of Small Great Things, still did not have the required receipt for a free download of shine, so purchased it out of curiosity.

The novella focusses on Ruth’s childhood and how she adapts to her new school with Christina and the confusion she feels as a child about their friendship. As interesting as it was to read after I had already finished Small Great Things, it really didn’t add anything much to Ruth’s story and for me personally was a little disappointing. 

If you have read Small Great Things, I don’t think this adds anything but if you are undecided about reading Small Great Things this is a small introduction to the character of Ruth. 

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