#BookReview Thin Luck by Cori Lynn Arnold #Thriller #FridayReads

Robyn Hughes is being released from prison, but no one appears to pick her up, so she makes her own way to her old address to find her husband and child gone. With no money and in desperate need to see her son, Robyn improvises by falling back on her old journalistic skills to track down her errant husband, as she does so we learn more about Robyn and her strained relationships with her family and friends. 

With a huge amount of luck and sheer determination Robyn goes on the run meeting various colourful characters along the way. The pace of this gripping thriller is electrifying and you cannot help but be drawn into Robyn’s world and her story. This is a very hard book to put down once you start reading it. The more I found out about Robyn’s past, the more I wanted to know. Is she a victim of circumstances or the architect of her own misfortune? 

Despite how quickly the pace moves in this thriller, you definitely get good characterisation to sink your teeth into. I found the third party perspective of what the detectives trying to find Robyn, a bit slow and arduous but I can see why they were important in putting Robyn’s action into the wider world of the novel. Definitely a must-read suspense novel.

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