Anger Management

Apart from feeling much anger, I have been subjected to more anger than anyone should be from a very early age. Most of the anger I personally feel is directed towards me, and this is the inevitably destructive kind. This sort of anger knows no easy resolution or any kindness. This type of anger is all consuming and blinding. It consumes hope, compassion, gratitude and appreciation for anything. It paralyses your ability to love. It’s not only anger towards what has been but towards what I am and the fact that I exist at all. Thank all that is sacred that I have people to remind me that what I see isn’t so.

There is nothing useful about the anger inside that drives you towards your own personal hell. So to everyone who has felt anger tingle in your fingertips and heat your ears, I say breathe deeply, stand back and let it go. There are worse things and you have so much to be grateful for that addressing those who hurt, disappoint and misunderstand is not a priority. Let them figure out their own way out of their personal hell.

I cannot physically be there to hug you, so accept this gentle and tender hug from me and know I understand more than you think.


  1. Boy can I identify with your post. I spent most of my early life stuffing anger, but it kept seeping out in ugly and destructive ways. It was only in opening my heart to the love of God that “the blinders” were removed. I agree, thank God for those around me who saw what I could not. Blessings upon your blog.

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