#BookReview The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson #Thriller

​The discovery of a number of missing girls has the FBI questioning one of them, Maya, who seems to be collected and in charge of the other girls. Was she part of what happened to them or also a victim in heinous crimes spanning decades. As FBI agents Hanoverian and Eddison unfold the story this young girl has to tell they are facing on of the most difficult cases of their career. 

I loved the way this story was told from the point that the girls had been found and Maya was in an interrogation room, so the story essentially unfolds backwards, as we find out the circumstances that led Maya to be imprisoned in the first place and her subsequent freedom from the garden. 

Despite the dark nature of the serial kidnap, rapes and murder of this story I found the ending somewhat sugar-coated in a way which didn’t really reflect the horror throughout the book. The concluding coincidences and trying of ends together was just a step too far in my opinion. The book up until the last ten percent had been a reasonably good read. 

Definitely a crime thriller I enjoyed but I wish the last ten percent didn’t feel rushed and a bit far fetched. 
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