​When a horrific car accident leaves a man severely burnt, an enigmatic woman, Marianne Engel, walks into his life on the burns ward where he’s being treated. Marianne tells him they knew each other centuries ago and begins to unfold their shared history throughout his recovery. How will both stories, in the present and past end?

Haunting, beautiful and heart breaking this is a modern classic that needs to be read with patience by bibliophiles everywhere. As our narrator undergoes a drastic transformation brought in effect by the love of one woman. I concede this is probably the most powerful and affecting romantic mystery/literary novel I will read, it was also well-researched and founded on literary classics with a huge infusion of religious imagery and influence.

This book will be ruined if read too fast and much like the grotesque of Marianne Engel this powerful story needs to uncover itself over time, without being rushed, in order to be fully appreciated. Difficult to read at times this really is an absolute masterpiece. 
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