#BookReview The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

​Two brothers, one mute the other his protector are taken on yearly pilgrimages to seek a miracle by which Andrew the mute brother can gain speech. The trips to the Loney do not seemed to have worked but one year things are different and a number of anomalies result in a trip that raises questions no one wants to answer.

A disquieting and oppressive tale that has an unobvious and subtle sense of malevolence running through it. The cast of characters are complex and multidimensional, the resulting story unsettling and left partially to the reader’s imagination giving it an extremely frightening edge.

A horror read for those with patience and imagination. 

Links To Book:

Amazon UK

Amazon US



    1. This one is more literary fiction with gothic undertones and has been jumping to my attention all year. It’s definitely worth reading, but seems to have its fair share of detractors.


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