​When High School English teacher, Jake Epping takes a call from his friend and local diner owner Al, he could have no idea where doing a friend a favour would take him, or rather when. Al has found what he refers to as a rabbit hole and with the very best of intentions intends to change the world for the better, but, “the past is obdurate,” and Al is in no shape to see his mission through, but will meddling in history and time travel have the positive consequences they imagined? 

Probably an ambitious feat to write about the Kennedy Assassination and time travel and its consequences, this sci-fi thriller started off quite innocuously, and I’m not sure when I got sucked into the story and invested in the characters but at some point, in the middle of this epic novel, I was totally hooked and dared not guess how it would conclude, partially because I knew how bereft I would be once I had finished reading it. 

Jake is a conscientious protagonist who faces dilemmas or morality and the paradox of time travel. There was not going to be a perfect ending to this saga but I’m glad I was hooked and took my time to read the end of the book. 

Probably one of the best Stephen King books I have read and undoubtedly the best time travel novel I have read. A truly unmissable thriller. 

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