#BookReview Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill #Sundayblogshare #Horror

​Aging has-been rock star, Judas Coyne has a taste for the macabre, so can’t resist when he is made aware of a ghost for sale on an online auction site. Predictably he buys the ghost, but soon finds out the ghost in question is full of vengeance and is coming for Coyne and those around him. 

I found this horror quite a satisfying read, it is a ghost story that keeps coming at you and won’t let go. Alongside the suspense and horror I particularly enjoyed reading about the two dogs Coyne owns in the book who were substantial characters in their own right. 

There were points in the book where the pace of the story seemed to falter but overall it was a good horror read. 

Links To Book:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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