#BookReview The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell #amreading

​This family saga covers the life of Lorelei and her family of four children. Lorelei has always wanted to give her kiddos a better childhood than her own but somewhere along the years she became a prolific hoarder. The effect this had on her children was profound and diverse, but a tragic incident on Easter Sunday 1991 leaves the family shocked and adrift leading to a number of poor decisions which distance them from each other and sets them on very different paths.

I was totally absorbed by this read and trying to understand the characters in this family mystery. It is well written and impossible to put down once you start reading it. The degree of plausibility of the story, the characters nd how they react is exemplary demonstrating a deep understanding of human behaviour and the affliction of hoarding by this talented author. 

There were moments where I gasped and moments where the characters irritated me like real people but I could not put this down until I had read to the very end and I will miss the Bird family and all who knew them. 

Links To Book: 

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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