#BookReview Heart of Stone (Hollywood Lies Book Two) by Debbra Lynn #Thriller

​The second book in the Hollywood Lies series takes us back to the mid-eighties as we learn more about Caleb and his tragic past. Alongside Caleb’s history we are given a different point of view of the events in the first book, which was intriguing to read as we learn more about Marcus and his real motivations. 

Inevitably the book has to go over some ground that has been already covered, but I would still insist reading the first book before the second is a much more optimal way to enjoy the series even if the intention is to have both read like standalones. I did find however, the pace somewhat leisurely compared to the first book and at times I wished a good editor had quickened the pace to add more excitement to this read. 

I wasn’t sure what the second book would add to an intriguing, but already concluded, story. However, it isn’t over until the author says so and I am left in the throes of impatience as I wait for the third book in the series. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book: 

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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