1. I honestly don’t feel anger towards anyone I personally know.
  2. I love reading books but I like meeting friends and going on dates with my husband more
  3. I can lose weight but being a lower BMI means settling for a lesser quality of life for me personally.
  4. Material possessions bring me joy for all of two minutes and then they lose all meaning for me.
  5. I admire those who have decided to be parents and are raising kids.
  6. I unashamedly continue to study myself and my relationship with others through psychodynamic therapy.
  7. I don’t regret and I wouldn’t change anything about my past and who I am today. 
  8. I have taken the opportunity to do things I fear this year and feel better for it. 
  9. The more I own, the emptier I feel.
  10. This is the happiest I’ve ever been.