I’m delighted to have official recognition for reviewing a hundred books for Netgalley. Even though I’m a gypsy of book review and tend to dip in and out of various online resources for new books to review, it’s still satisfying to find another milestone to add and another badge to adorn my blog. 

100 Book Reviews

I am also facing another unfortunate challenge of not feeling particularly well. I appear to be still anaemic but I am also suffering with excruciating heartburn symptoms, which I am loathed to see as an emergency, but will take to the appropriate healthcare professional for further consideration.

My reading has slowed a little due to my current illness, but I hope imminent hospital and GP visits will put be on the road to recovery even if my bounce back time from illness is, well, less bouncy with progressing age.

I look forward to bringing you my next hundred book reviews, even if it is at a much reduced pace. Thank you for tuning in, folks!