It’s been years since I had membership of a physical library. Some of my earliest formative memories are of living in Romford, Essex and walking to the library for books with my mother and brother. 

Libraries have always played an important part in my life, up until the time I was no longer inclined to go out. However, in 2015, in a run of positive actions I renewed my passport and driving license allowing me to apply for a library membership.

Birmingham has a number of libraries other than the rather extensive and ornate central library that has come to be identified as a symbol of the city. My husband has a library card and up until recently he took out books for me to read. However, I found my local library in Kings Heath quite overwhelming and also unsatisfactory when it came to finding books I wanted to read.

With my own membership this year, which I completed weeks ago online, I also discovered the online facilities that as me to reserve books from across the city and pick them up from my local library. 

Rather excitedly I got straight onto making sure my online login worked and started reserving books straightaway. My first haul of four library books were a mixture of new books I really wanted to read by favourite authors and books I would have purchased and never read again.

I’m halfway through reading the four books I borrowed and will be returning the two I have read and reviewed. I will be waiting in great anticipation for any of the ten I have currently reserved to become available for collection locally, thus making good use of a valuable local resource.